Be in the moment

Unplug, digital detox and chill app

The Big Red Stop


Available now in early beta on Android and iPhone. And with bells, whistles and baubles during 2015!

 Download and let us know what you think….

…. Our vision is to be the On/Off button for availability – and a mental space for reclaiming the moment.

But we’re very curious about what you think we should be.



For instance, you may love singing….

….and not want to be disturbed when stretching your vocal chords. Or it may be that you meditate, or just hate fiddling around with your phone’s settings to get some peace and quiet. Anyway, you can use the Big Red Stop to schedule a repeating time that all of the ping, pang notifications from your phone get silenced and all of your friends who make contact get a personalised message saying when you plan to be back. Once your time is expired your phone automatically reverts to normal, you can get back to Facebooking like crazy, and of course all your messages are there.



How it works

nexusJust hit the big red button and anyone who messages you receives a text or Twitter message letting them know you are taking a #bigredstop and when you will be back. They get messaged on the same platform they contacted you on, so if they call and you’re having a break then then get a text back saying when you’re back and you can still see their calls and/or messages when you pick up your phone. Pretty simple, eh? You can download our Android app on Google Play here.

   Be in the moment, go #bigredstop