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2014 is over – limited launch feedback in

So it's now 2015 and we've soft-launched our Android and iPhone versions and we have our first sets of user feedback to integrate over the next few weeks before moving on the rest of the roadmap. We also had to contend with the ever-hovering bugs and other contraints but will now have time to focus far more on development and feedback for the apps. The main feedback we need to integrate are on the UX side where we haven't been clear enough in how the features worked for some people - so we will probably integrate in-context tips and possibly a wizard as well as certainly expand the FAQs which are far too sparse today. In particular it's really easy to set up a schedule too quickly without knowing it and then it repeats when the user doesn't know it - a combination of notifications and better guidance should fix this. We have had great feedback and also constructive criticism from users so far ranging from some users finding it extremely user-friendly and fast to others not understanding at all how it works so we look forward to bridging that gap and making it smaller, in a positive way!!