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We love tech, start-ups and disruption and started the Big Red Stop because we feel there’s no easy way for people to wind down and relax today. The Internet and its fabulous services are on 24/7 – but we as humans are not – and should not be. The Big Red Stop is about smelling the flowers, meeting people, experiencing a moment with others or alone, and being able to focus. It doesn’t replace or displace technology, social media, smartphones and nor do we want it to. We want it to make these services and products, as well as a person’s life itself, better and more enioyable.




Chris Mortimer

Bribe me with Branston pickles,  oysters, cheddar cheese or Guinness and watch my knees quake….


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Stephen o’Callaghan

I go weak at the knees when I see portable camping fires, have 33 of them at home but no tent. Go figure.

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